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How Much Is The Average Wedding Dress?

If you are recently engaged, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with one particular aspect of your upcoming nuptials, the budget. The number you have established for your wedding budget will determine how much you will be able to spend on wedding-related purchases and services. This includes everything including to the venue down to the smallest purchase. Perhaps one of the more difficult areas you will need to budget is the purchase of a wedding dress at Luv Bridal & Formal.

So, how much should you pay for your wedding dress? What is the average cost of a wedding dress?

It is a lot more challenging to set a realistic budget for your wedding dress because of the varying costs, and these costs are based on several factors.

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Your Wedding Dress

Depending on the fabric that is used to create the dress you want will be one of the major factors in deciding the cost of the wedding dresswedding dress. It does not matter whether you prefer shantung or chiffon, it is important to understand how your fabric choice will affect your budget.

The season of the wedding dress will also be one of the determining factors. Wedding dress designers typically debut their collections once a year, although some do release two collections a year. This means that a dress from a previous season will be less expensive than one that is part of a newer wedding gown collection.

Does the dress you won’t have a lot of embellishments or details? If so, be prepared to pay more. Details like lace appliques and hand-sewn beading will significantly increase the price.

Wedding Dress Price Examples

For around £600, you can purchase a wedding dress that was machine made from a large retail shop. These type of dresses are usually made with synthetic materials and minimal handcrafted details.

However, you may have chosen to purchase a white or off-white bridesmaid dress from a bridal gown designer. The dress should be tailored to ensure it fits you properly.

If you want a dress that is made from natural materials like silk, you can expect to pay up to £3,000. By paying this amount of money, the dress should be well made and also have a lot of handcrafted details. You will order the dress through a salon and the order will be placed directly with the designer with your measurements included. Once the dress is delivered, it may need to be altered slightly in case the measurements were off.

If you have money to spend, you have a custom-made wedding dress starting around £6,000. The dressmaker will work with you directly to design a dress that will fit your body. This type of work is done by hand, and a lot of attention is placed on details. Because of the personalized service, you will have to pay premium prices.

Keep in mind that there may be additional charges related to your wedding dress like rush fees and plus sizes. Headpieces and slips are also extra charges that may be included in the total cost of your wedding dress.

If you really want to save money and you do not want to save your wedding dress, you can rent a wedding dress. This option allows you to wear the dress of your dreams without paying a lot for it.

After deciding how much you are willing to spend on your wedding dress, only consider dresses that fit within the price range. By not trying on a wedding dress you cannot afford, you will not be tempted to go over budget.